How can I submit business and become appointed?

Request a broker questionnaire. Complete and fax back with a copy of your current license and E & O declarations page. Upon receipt of the valid information, you may submit accounts for consideration.


What commissions are paid?

Commissions vary by carrier and class of business. The commission will be indicated on the risk quotation.


Do I have binding authority?

All binding rests with Dunfield and the carrier.


Does Dunfield offer financing?

Yes, at competitive rates.


How much deposit is required to bind?

Usually 25%, plus fully earned taxes and fees. The deposit is due to Dunfield within 5 days of binding for coverage to continue.


What is needed to obtain a quotation?

A fully completed Acord application for the coverages desired and any supplements.


How long are quotes good for?

In most cases, quotes are valid for 30 days, which is indicated in the quote letter.


Can I do a Broker Of Record?

This is handled on a case by case basis. Dunfield should be contacted before requesting. There are however, no mid-term B of Rs permitted.


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