New submissions should be faxed to us with completed Acord forms for the applicable sections and coverages desired.  For larger submissions, please call us to discuss.  In order to assist us in the quote process, and turn-around time, we ask that you submit the completed application as soon as possible to present to our markets.  Many classes of business require supplements that provide additional information not usually found on the Acord forms.  These supplements provide the additional information usually needed by the company underwriter to provide your client with the quickest turn-around time, best coverages, and pricing.

Submissions should include:




Wholesale Insurance Brokers

1. Commercial Acord forms (Please refrain from using BOP or dwelling forms)

2. Number of years in business

3. Full description of operation

4. 3-5 year carrier, premium, coverage, and loss information

5. Building updates (if older than 20 years)

6. Premises burglary and fire protection

7. If any cooking on premises, advise if there is an automatic fire suppression system

8. Property coverages, coinsurance limit and deductibles desired by building per location

9. Current values per square foot, even for Basic and ACV

10.Exact income/rents limit desired

11.General Liability section should include a limit for all coverages desired, including liquor liability

12.If lessors risk, are Certs and AI's obtained from all commercial tenants

13.Current MVR's for owner and all employees(Garage) and all operators for auto